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A huge thanks! ~Karen, Randall Symes
I am extremely confident in Glynis’s capability in AccPac and with her excellent accounting knowledge that she will solve this problem for you... There will not be short cuts to the process to fix it, the correction must be logical, sequenced and must be done with the understanding by key stakeholders as to why things are being done in such a manner. ~ David D. Greenwood Senior Partner, Consulting - Business Development Bank of Canada
“I have contracted with G. Whiz Business Services ever since I began my company. They have consistently provided solid business advice and reliable bookkeeping and accounting services.
G. Whiz guided us through a maze of accounting paperwork while patiently explaining the tax implications and any available options. I was consistently amazed at the breadth of knowledge and experience that is available through their company. They go above and beyond what I expected and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone, whether they were a small start-up or a large organization.”
Carla Howatt, Owner and Consultant - Tricomm Strategies
“I had the pleasure of working with Glynis and her team at G. Whiz Business Services as a client for a period of about 6 months.  Right from the beginning, Glynis spent a substantial amount of time getting to know my business,  understanding my needs and expectations, as well as offering insight and advice in areas I was not confident about.   She consistently went beyond the duties of a bookkeeper, seeking out resources that would help my business run even better.  In terms of the bookkeeping services, Glynis and her employee Trina Goyer were wonderful at answering questions, and always replied to my emails in a very timely manner.  The urgent matters were even dealt with outside of office hours, which I found to be an exceptional service.
As a commercial banker, I know the importance of a great bookkeeper in the success of any business, large or small.  I continue to refer my own clients to Glynis and her team, and encourage any business owner looking for administrative support to contact G. Whiz Business Services.   The investment into their services will bring noticeable results in two major areas: money management and stress management.”
Heather MacLeod, Account Manager – BDC Canada, South Edmonton